Premier Shamanta Phoenix Rising

Phoenix is an Apricot Point Siamese. He's a bit lacking in the brain department at times but we love him to bits. Phoenix was unusual in the very close relationship he had with his mother Paige. Usually when cats grow up mum loses interest and moves on to her next litter, but Phoenix was always her favourite. When she had kittens she would feed them and then rush out to feed him! For all his life she washed and looked after him with Micshka the Chihuahua taking over whenever she wasn't there. Sadly we lost Paige in 2019 and poor old Phoenix was looking for her for months. We had to let him go into every room in the house so he could check if she was there. He is now looked after by Micshka and his half brother Silver. I don't think he will ever learn to wash himself!

Here are some more photos of him at different stages.